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“Always find that balance,” stylist Vanessa Traina says of mixing graphic gold bracelets with a button-down and blue jeans. “It is classic yet modern with an edge…it makes a statement that is both bold and at ease.” Gold Bracelets, Unique Bracelets, Gold Necklaces, Tiffany Bracelets, Fashion Bracelets, Tiffany And Co, Jewelry Art, Fine Jewelry, Gold

Hungarian Turquoise Necklace Hungary – 1940s

Hungarian Turquoise Necklace Hungary – 1940’s. Unsigned Hungarian necklace. Turquoise stones and enamel turquoise flowers with red stones. Jewelry Art, Vintage Jewelry, Jewelry Necklaces, Jewlery, Vintage Costume Jewelry, Vintage Costumes, Antique Jewelry, Luxury Jewelry, Turquoise Necklace